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Can Gavin Wimsatt make enough progress to lead the offense to major improvement?



Gavin Wimsatt looks to step up in a big way in 2023. Photo credit Mandatory Credit: Brent Skeen-USA TODAY Sports

While the Rutgers offense faces many questions entering the 2023 season, whether Gavin Wimsatt can seize control and establish himself as a Big Ten quality starting quarterback is at the top of the list. After being named the starter before training camp, he’s battled accuracy issues at times.

Head coach Greg Schiano met with the media on Thursday and emphasized Wimsatt’s improvement throughout the preseason.

“I’m pleased to see that he understands things better – so when you understand it better, you see it better; when you see it better, you make decisions more quickly,” Schiano said. “So what I see is a guy who is much more locked into what he has to do [in] his role and executing it more quickly.”

Whether Wimsatt can develop into a true leader of the offense remains to be seen but Schiano was positive on Thursday.

“That happens when you do better, right? I mean, if you’re confused and you can’t keep your own head above water, how are you going to lead anybody else?” Schiano explained. “So I think as he’s gotten more and more comfortable, he’s made more and more plays. People want to follow you more when you make more plays. The confidence grows around you for you, and then I’m sure it grows in him.”

New offensive coordinator Kirk Ciarrocca is working to cultivate Wimsatt’s talent and also shape him into a disciplined, smart decision maker on the field.

In addition, backup Evan Simon is also very important to this team. With just true freshman Ajani Sheppard behind him, Simon staying healthy this season is crucial. If and when he does get an opportunity under center in a game this season, Rutgers needs him to be ready.

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  1. pj43

    August 25, 2023 at 4:01 pm

    Well, I look at it this way. We’re gonna find out early if Wimsatt has what it takes to run an RPO offense and make the necessary short passes. For me, I wouldn’t hesitate to go to Simon (or even Sheppard) early if Wimsatt struggles against Temple. I agree with Aaron that this season will start out heavy on the run, but you gotta be able to make the defense respect the pass. The expectations were high – perhaps too high and it has to be weighing on Wimsatt. I’m pulling hard for him to ease my concern and begin to fulfill the potential we were all told about during the recruiting process.

  2. thevinman

    August 28, 2023 at 11:25 pm

    Thanks once again guys. I have no idea what to expect out of your QB play but I sure hope it is better than last year. Your optimism and faith in Ciarrocca makes me feel better.

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