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No. 1 Ohio State vs. Rutgers: Live Commentary & Updates



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Rutgers and No. 1 Ohio State kickoff at 12:00 p.m. ET with the game airing live on the Big Ten Network. To get ready for the action or to check something during the game, click on our game day links post here. You can read my quick thoughts on the availability report as well.

I will add in updates and commentary as the game unfolds in this post. Comments are welcomed from anyone else as well.

Thank you for reading my coverage of Rutgers football at The Scarlet Faithful and let’s go RU!

No. 1 Ohio State vs. Rutgers — live updates and more


  • Rutgers should be refreshed after the bye week and come out loose with nothing to lose. If they can play with that mentality, it should serve them well as all the pressure is on Ohio State.
  • A good start is key of course, as is limiting mistakes. Another key part is being able to strike while the iron is hot if the Buckeyes make an early mistake. Every opportunity to take advantage of a situation is something Rutgers needs to deliver on in order to have a chance to win this game.
  • Play calling on both side early is something to watch for. I hope RU comes out aggressive on both sides of the ball.

First Quarter

  • Rutgers won the toss and deferred to the second half. Ohio State will start with the ball.
  • Big time three and out stop on the opening drive of the game for the Rutgers defense.
  • Gavin Wimsatt threw a deep ball on first down but was incomplete. RU goes three and out and muffs the snap. It’s partially blocked and only goes 18 yards. OSU hall on own 46 yard line.
  • The Buckeyes take advantage of the short field as Kyle McCord throws a perfectly placed ball to Gee Scott Jr. for a touchdown.
  • Rutgers goes three and out for a second straight drive after OSU scored a touchdown on a short field following the muffed punt.
  • A Mo Toure sack resulted in a nine yard loss and OSU punts on its third possession. RU defense got a critical stop.
  • Wimsatt misses a wide open Christian Dremel on 3rd and 2 that would have been sure fire touchdown. Instead a third straight three and out for the Rutgers offense.

Second Quarter

  • The Rutgers defense gets another big stop as Eric Rogers defended Marvin Harrison Jr. perfectly on third down.
  • What a fourth down conversation after Wimsatt hands it off to Monangai between his legs for a 45 yard gain into the OSU red zone.
  • Jai Patel kicks a 22 yard field goal as Wimsatt’s third down run was 2 yards short of the first down. He was effective on the ground that drive as RU gets on the board.
  • Ohio State 7 Rutgers 3 With 7:49 left first half.
  • Ohio State’s fake punt is stopped by Rutgers and the offense gets the ball on a short field at the OSU 32 yard line. HUGE OPPORTUNITY.
  • Rutgers makes it 7-6 on a Patel 21 yard field goal. Two trips to the red zone result in field goals. Just over two minutes left in the first half. Getting another stop here is essential with RU getting the ball to start the second half.
  • Mo Toure with an INTERCEPTION at midfield! Rutgers ball at the OSU 46 yard line with 1:46 left in the first half.
  • Jai Patel kicks a 20 yard FG his third of game.
  • Rutgers leads No. 1 Ohio State 9-7 at the half! The offense has been unable to get into the end zone on three trips to the red zone. Even so, the defense has been fantastic & offense ran the ball well. RU ball to start 2nd half.

At the Half

  • First half stats:Total Yards
    OSU 128
    RU 1703rd down conversions:
    OSU 0-5
    RU 1-7TOP:
    OSU 13:34
    RU 16:25RU +1 turnover margin & only sack of the game.Kyle Monangai 12 rushes 93 yards 7.8 ypcRU gets ball to start second half leading 9-7.
  • The biggest takeaway for me in the first half above all else is that Rutgers is physically holding up against Ohio State in a way we’ve never seen. They were winning battles all over the place in that second quarter. Huge improvement.

Third Quarter

  • Ohio State intercepts Wimsatt off is deflection for a third pick six allowed this season and another back breaker.
  • OSU leads 14-9 with 9:49 left in the third quarter. Awful play but plenty of time to respond.
  • Ohio State leads Rutgers 21-9 after an 8 play, 71 touchdown drive dominated on the ground.
  • Late third quarter time for Rutgers empty the playbook.

Fourth Quarter

  • Gavin Wimsatt to JaQuae Jackson for a 19 yard TOUCHDOWN!!!!!
  • Great response from Rutgers. Dremel was the spark in the pass game once again. Ohio State leads 21-16 with 14:07 to play.
  • Marvin Harrison Jr. connects with Kyle McCord to change the game with a touchdown to put Ohio State 28-16 with 12:02 to play.
  • Rutgers is unable to score in the red zone down two scores and Ohio State takes over leading 28-16 midway fourth quarter.
  • After Rutgers turned it over on downs, Marvin Harrison Jr. catches his second touchdown of the game.
  • No. 1 Ohio State defeats Rutgers 35-16 in a hard fought loss.


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