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Big picture views on Rutgers football



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Rutgers football takes on No. 12 Penn State this Saturday at noon airing live on FS1. The Scarlet Knights is 6-4 as Penn State is 8-2. Both teams are coming off difficult losses to Iowa and No. 2 Michigan respectively.

Old friend Lance Glinn joins to discuss Rutgers football including the Iowa loss, progress made this season, how to view Gavin Wimsatt’s development, hope for Penn State and more.

Listen and watch below.



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  1. pj43

    November 17, 2023 at 4:34 pm

    OK. So, agreed that Wimsatt should finish the season as the starting QB but then Schiano opens up spring practice as a genuine new start where all QB candidates get an honest evaluation. If Rutgers can’t put a QB on the field next year that can throw with at least 60% accuracy and hit the open man deep then, IMO, this team will not make any measurable progress next season. The “not ready yet” will remain just that.
    As for tomorrow, I think that it’s PSU 27-6 in yet another game where the defense keeps the score close deep into the 3rdQ, then tires in the 4thQ due to being on the field for too long. We’ll plug in the same analysis and conclusion next week as in previous losses during the postmortem.
    One final thing. When Schiano does his post game presser, can someone ask why the TE has not been part of this offense all season? Is it that OC thinks he doesn’t have a TE who can catch the ball or he thinks the QB can’t find and hit him without risking an interception?

    • BataliBoli98

      November 17, 2023 at 9:37 pm

      Couldn’t agree more, on all points. Based on how GS responded to a offense specific questions last week, I would be pleasantly shocked if anyone had the nerve to ask his your TE question. It is bizarre that Langan and Bowman are used in the passing game so sparingly. Other questions I would love GS to be asked:
      1) Why isn’t Young used more as a weapon in 3rd down situations?
      2) Why does Wimsatt never roll out?
      3) Why does Wimsatt almost never drop back to pass, see that his first read is covered, and simply take off and run?
      4) Why has Rochelle’s progress been stunted this season and has he been told that he is not allowed to return a kick?

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