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Mike Teel previews the Rutgers offense & more



The most prolific passer in Rutgers history discusses Gavin Wimsatt's development. Photo credit Kevin R. Wexler/ / USA TODAY NETWORK

When it comes to playing quarterback at Rutgers, there isn’t a more knowledgeable or qualified person to speak with than Mike Teel. The program’s all-time passing leader and single season passing touchdowns leader led the offense during the golden era of head coach Greg Schiano’s first tenure. He also improved every season from 2005-2008.

Heading into the 2023 season, the development of quarterback Gavin Wimsatt is the most important of many questions around the Rutgers offense. With new offensive coordinator Kirk Ciarrocca, the hope is that Wimsatt takes a significant step forward this fall.

Schiano named Wimsatt the starting quarterback before training camp and has spoken about his progression throughout the preseason. During his Tuesday game week press conference for Northwestern, he was asked about Wimsatt’s window of opportunity as the starter.

Yeah, I don’t even like to get into that stuff to tell you the truth,” said Schiano. “He’s our starting quarterback. I make decisions, which is always in the best interests of the team what gives us the best chance to win. I’m not going to address that. That’s a hypothetical.”

Teel, also the Rutgers football color analyst on radio broadcasts for home games, returned to The Scarlet Faithful podcast to discuss the season ahead for the program. His experience as a young quarterback with Rutgers under Schiano and developing on the job made him the ideal person to preview the offense entering the 2023 season.

Topics covered include the development of QB Gavin Wimsatt, his experience and belief in offensive coordinator Kirk Ciarrocca, how the other position groups could develop, the challenges with Northwestern and much more.

Thanks to Mike Teel for his time and great insight as always.

Listen and watch to this episode below.



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  1. Henry Rutgers

    August 30, 2023 at 2:02 pm

    Great interview, Aaron. I avoid podcasts just because I have to turn off everything else and it limits my ability to multitask. To hear what Mike Teel has to say is and was worth it. You must have spent a fair amount of time working on the questions. They were thoughtful, followed a logical flow and made for a great discussion.

    Hearing what we might expect from someone that has been there is a lot different than grasping to understand the signals or interpreting the bits and pieces of data that trickle out. I think the most insightful comments Mike made were around how the new OC will approach using Wimsatt in the opener and develop him through the season. If he is right, we’ll know in Q1 what the strengths of the offense are although the comments on using motions, checks etc to confuse the basics might make it less obvious. Putting the players in a position to use their strengths, execute, build momentum, maintain ball control, win first downs all seem such basic principles but Mike wove them into a story where RU, with the improved quality of coaching and improved depth, lead to an exciting RU win Sunday.

  2. BataliBoli98

    August 31, 2023 at 10:20 pm

    Another great interview. I thought that it was telling when you asked Mike what he had seen in practice. He first noted that as a former QB that his attention is mostly on the offensive side of the ball but then he spent the entire time answering your question focusing on the talent on D. I really do not think that the offense will be abysmal BUT there are so many unknowns in literally every position group that the floor for the O is very low (I’m not suggesting that this was Teel’s take — it’s my opinion). That said, I am a glass is half full guy and think that the O will be serviceable while the D will be a top 1/3 unit in the B1G. Go RU!

  3. thevinman

    September 2, 2023 at 3:51 pm

    Aaron, thanks for the detailed assessment with Mike Teel. I wathced the last par5 of the Colorado-TCU game. Colorado went 1-11 last year and TCU was in the CFB championship game Dion Sanders comes in and leads them to victory over TCU on the road wining 45-42. I have to say it is really frustrating to watch other teams put up big points and quick turnarounds while we struggle to score 20 points and in year 4 of Schiano and our offense is still a major question mark. I get it that the Big 12 isn’t know for defense but come on now.

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