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Rutgers football’s steady progress can lead to sustainable foundation for success

The Scarlet Knights are bowl eligible due to balanced progress across the board.




With Rutgers football at 6-2 and bowl eligible, the bye week is a good opportunity to look at the big picture progress this program has made.

An encouraging part of this team’s improvement this season is the way in which they’ve done it

There aren’t many stars on this team. No one has made a made a huge leap with the notable exception being Kyle Monangai. However, many players have  improved this season.

It’s more sustainable development of the program versus adding several impact players that have a 1-2 year shelf life. A perfect example of this is Michigan State, who have crashed completely following a big 2021 season aided by the transfer portal.

Rutgers isn’t the most efficient team, but they’ve come through in many key moments this season. Gavin Wimsatt is a good example for this. He struggled with accuracy once again against Indiana. However, when he needed to make the most important throw of the game on fourth down with Rutgers leading by 3 points, he found his most reliable receiver Christian Dremel for the completion.

Rutgers is rated by most services in the No. 40-No. 50 range in terms of team rankings this season. That’s progress and winning all six games they’ve been favored in is as well.

Favorite guest of The Scarlet Faithful podcast, David Anderson, returns to discuss these topics and more including How the defense will compensate for the loss of Tyreem Powell, the big picture takeaways for this season so far and more.

Listen and watch below.



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1 Comment

  1. thevinman

    October 25, 2023 at 11:47 am

    Yes, success has come mostly without big stars but it wouldn’t hurt to get a few of them from now on.

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