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Rutgers-Michigan State: Live Commentary & Updates

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Rutgers and Michigan State kickoff at 12:00 p.m. ET with the game airing live on the Big Ten Network. To get ready for the action or to check something during the game, click on our game day links post here. You can read my quick thoughts on the availability report as well.

This post is meant The Scarlet Faithful readers to come together and post comments below during the game. In addition, I will add in updates and commentary as the game unfolds in this post.

Thank you for reading my coverage of Rutgers football at The Scarlet Faithful and let’s go RU!

Rutgers vs. Michigan State — live updates and more


  • Rain will definitely be a factor in this game and should be steady throughout the afternoon.
  • Obviously starting strong and avoiding any critical mistake early on are massively important in what should be a close game.
  • Keep an eye on how Rutgers fares in the trenches early on and see how that develops throughout the first half. I think RU can hold their own with both lines in this game.

First Quarter

  • Michigan State converts on 4th and 1 despite a fumble recovered by QB Katin Houser.
  • Houser throws a 13 yard touchdown on a drive that took 7:28 of the first quarter.
  • Michigan State kickoff went out of bounds.
  • Rutgers converts on a fourth down and 1 to get inside the red zone. Great run by Kyle Monangai.
  • Jai Patel converts a 22 yard field goal. Rutgers trails MSU 7-3 late first quarter.
  • Big three and out stop from the Rutgers defense.
  • The level of execution that the Rutgers offense just had on the last play of the first quarter is super encouraging. Monangai picking up the blitz and blocking effectively. Dremel getting separation on a well run route. Wimsatt with a perfect throw.

Second Quarter

  • Jai Patel is 2 of 2 as he converts a 47 yard field goal. Drive stalled with pressure from MSU defense.
  • Rutgers trails 7-6 early second quarter. Gavin Wimsatt 6 of 9 for 96 yards.
  • Robert Longerbeam forces a fumble and Desmond Igbinosun recovers it while returning it into MSU territory. Huge turnover from the defense. Igbinosun also had a sack the play before. Playing great.
  • Very frustrating to get zero points off the turnover starting with the ball at midfield. Wimsatt threw too hard to Bowman which would have made it a closed field goal attempt. Jude McAtamney missed from 53 yards. Rutgers trails Michigan State 7-6 with 6:24 left in the first half.
  • Instead of a Tyreem Powell huge TFL on 4th down to stop Michigan State in Rutgers territory, he was called for targeting and ejected from the game. Huge swing and big loss for the defense.
  • Great response as Robert Longerbeam forces another fumble and recovers this one. Second MsU turnover.
  • Huge fumble forced and recovered by Robert Longerbeam is followed by a Gavin Wimsatt interception off the hands of Ian Strong. Pass was a little high. MSU at midfield after a couple penalties.
  • Rashad Rochelle with fumble deep in Rutgers territory is a back breaker. Michigan State scores on a 13 yard touchdown run by Katin Houser. Rutgers trails 14-6.

At the Half

  • Rutgers trails MSU 17-6 at the half. Two offensive turnovers on Wimsatt INTs & a special teams fumble have been so costly. Offense unable to capitalize on two MSU turnovers. Defense has been solid. O is not. That’s the story. Rain is steady, so is the disappointment.

Third Quarter

  • Hauser throws his second TD of the game as Rutgers trails Michigan State 24-6 late third quarter. Brutal performance so far.

Fourth Quarter

  • Rutgers scores a TOUCHDOWN on a bad snap on a punt as Aaron Young falls on the loose ball in the end zone.
  • MSU leads 24-13 early fourth quarter. I won’t say it.
  • Gavin Wimsatt throws a 4 yard TOUCHDOWN to Isaiah Washington and then finds Christian Dremel for a TWO POINT CONVERSION. Great drive to cut the Michigan State lead to 24-21 with 8:30 to play.
  • Amazing as poorly as Rutgers has played, the game is still there for the taking.
  • Michigan State went three and out on the next offensive possession.
  • The Scarlet Knights offense went 12 plays and 73 yards down the field on a drive that ended on a four yard touchdown pass from Gavin Wimsatt to Isaiah Washington. Rutgers went for two and Wimsatt found Christian Dremel to convert.
  • Rutgers trailed 24-21 with 8:30 left to play in the game.
  • A short kick was then somehow recovered by Thomas Amankwaa at the Michigan State 21 yard line. On the first play from scrimmage, Kyle Monangai ran it down the sideline for a 21 yard touchdown. Of course, nothing is easy and the Flynn Appleby struggled with the snap and the extra point wasn’t attempted.
  • Rutgers leads Michigan State 27-24 with 8:21 to play.
  • Unbelievable!
  • Rutgers DEFEATS MSU 27-24 after trailing by 18 points entering the 4th quarter. Special teams was the x-factor & flipped the game on its head. Kyle Monangai is a BEAST! Wimsatt made key throws in 4th. Defense came through. Rutgers is 5-2 (2-2). One more WIN to a bowl.

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1 Comment

  1. thevinman

    October 14, 2023 at 3:53 pm

    Monangai is indeed a beast! Kudos to the special teams and the entire team for nevr losing faith and for keeping chopping.

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