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Episode 101: The Biggest What If Games In Rutgers Football & Basketball History



Mar 21, 2021; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; The Rutgers Scarlet Knights react after losing to the Houston Cougars in the second round of the 2021 NCAA Tournament at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joshua Bickel-USA TODAY Sports

Episode No. 101 features a discussion on the greatest what if outcomes in Rutgers football and basketball history. A few weeks ago, I asked this question of Rutgers fan on Twitter.

This tweet drew many responses with fans citing games as far back as the 1970’s. The most popular football game fans would change is the 2006 triple overtime loss to West Virginia. That defeat was of the stomach punch variety even more so because it ultimately cost Rutgers a Big East title and trip to the Orange Bowl. Another popular football “what if” is the 2012 loss to Louisville at home that cost RU a full share of the Big East title and trip to the Sugar Bowl. There are others as well, including a few Big Ten losses.

As for men’s basketball, the most cited defeat fans wished they could change the outcome was the 2021 second round loss to Houston in the NCAA Tournament. Other NCAA Tournament defeats that were brutal include the 2022 loss to Notre Dame, the 1979 loss to St. John’s. The 2004 Virginia Tech loss is discussed as well.

For women’s basketball, the 2007 loss to Tennessee in the national championship game was mentioned by several fans.

I share my own experiences from these defeats as well as point out that going through them help shape our context and journey as fans. It will only make the future triumphs that much sweeter.

You can listen and watch to this episode of The Scarlet Faithful podcast below.



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1 Comment

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