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Episode No. 87: Rutgers fans need to stick together



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On a very strange weather day, Episode No. 87 focuses on Rutgers fans sticking together.

Rutgers athletics has come a long way in recent years. With the hiring of athletic director Pat Hobbs, many quality coaches, more financial and administrative support, many programs have made significant progress.

While Rutgers is a frequent target for other Big Ten fan bases, we should embrace the hate. However, the in-fighting that takes place among fans of different sports isn’t a good thing.

I’m all for debate. Frustrations with our different programs is completely fair. So is criticism when warranted. As alums, supporters and fans, we have the right and obligation to hold Rutgers athletics to a high standard.

That being said, spreading false narratives, lies or attacking one Rutgers sport in favor of another is not productive or a positive.

As Rutgers fans, we need to stick together. When adversity hits, arguably no other fan base is better equipped to handle it. We have lots of practice. We’ve lived through some dark days, years even.

A lot of progress at Rutgers has been made, but plenty more is needed. The success of one program helps all the others and vice versa.

As Rutgers fans, we should all want the same things. Success for the athletic programs and the student-athletes, all while doing it the right way.

Watch and listen below to this episode for my full take and ramble. Thanks for watching and listening to The Scarlet Faithful podcast once again. Stay safe out there!



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  1. pj43

    June 8, 2023 at 3:41 pm

    Aaron, I’m having difficulty keeping up with you! It’s a good thing I’m retired and like college sports, particularly Rutgers sports, so you’re on my list to make sure I check in on a daily basis.

    I suppose I have a different perspective than the typical RU sports fan. I didn’t graduate from RU and my guess is that I’m way older than most RU fans who comment here and elsewhere. My 2 sons graduated from RU and I only began to give any thought to RU sports starting 20 yrs ago when my oldest began his studies in 2003. I can tell you that growing up in South Jersey, folks south of Trenton rarely identified with Rutgers in terms of sports or gave a damn – me included. RU didn’t seriously recruit SJ so Paterno picked up All American LBs & RBs and PSU became the college program of choice down this way. And, it didn’t surprise me when RU had Jay Wright for the taking but the RU Pres wasn’t available on weekends to meet with him. My alma mater stole him over that same weekend. So, I get the frustration, cynicism and self flogging of RU fans – up to a point. But, maybe it’s a North Jersey thing tainted by a pro sports bias and/or a misunderstanding of collegiate sports.

    For me, I fail to see or understand the attitude of RU followers that Aaron referenced in his podcast. It’s been what – 10 yrs since Rutgers joined the Big Ten? Considering the level of competition, I think the overall sports program has made great strides. Hobbs has brought in outstanding HCs, the facilities are improving, the RAC (sorry Jersey Mike’s) is now “quaint” “unique” – the place to be, in spite of its shortcomings. The reality is that Rutgers has no “sports tradition” in the context of most of the original Big Ten schools. Is it any wonder that it’s the butt of jokes among other Big Ten fans? Get over it! I’m a believer that Rutgers is a “sleeping giant”. Maybe some of you scoff at that, but my bet is that it’s only a matter of when, not if, the football program becomes genuinely competitive. And, it will! Those of you who doubt Schiano fail to see what’s happening before your own eyes. The recruiting is on an upward trend, the coaching is more experienced in terms of both development and knowledge of what it takes to build a successful program. Trite as some of you may think it is, Schiano’s “keep chopping” attitude is what will bring this program to the promised land. And some of you really believe he’s on the hot seat? This ain’t pro football – thank god!. So, just enjoy the build and think about how sweet it’ll be when Rutgers earns that grudging respect throughout the Big Ten and nationally! Now, let’s all kiss & make up, rally ’round the Raritan and root for Rutgers sports.

    • Aaron Breitman

      June 9, 2023 at 7:23 am

      Thanks for reading and watching PJ!! Appreciate it and enjoy your well deserved retirement.

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