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Holiday Mailbag Episode: Rutgers men’s basketball, NIL, QB battle & more



Photo credit Rutgers Athletics

Episode No. 80 of The Scarlet Faithful podcast is a Memorial Day Holiday Weekend Rutgers Mailbag Edition. Thanks to everyone who tweeted topics and questions for me to cover in this episode. It was a lot of fun!

There were many questions and topics related to Rutgers men’s basketball discussed in this episode. I spoke on several NIL initiatives I’m hearing the program is currently working on. Also I discuss the transfer portal, timeline for adding players, the decisions of Paul Mulcahy and Cliff Omoruyi, scheduling, why Steve Pikiell will figure things out and more.

I discussed how the next month a lot of roster decisions will come to light. It’s a key summer for Rutgers as they head overseas in August and have at least two scholarships to fill.

There was plenty of interest with other Rutgers athletics topics as well. The future of Ryan Lasko and the major league draft as well as baseball is discussed. Expectations for men’s and women’s soccer next season is as well. Of course, Gavin Wimsatt’s development is always a hot topic. I discussed why I think it’s his starting job to lose and his fit with offensive coordinator Kirk Ciarrocca. In addition, I touch on the Big Ten revenue deal, the impending decision on Nike and Adidas for Rutgers and much more.

You can click on Spotify below to listen or on YouTube below to watch. Thanks for listening and watching this episode of The Scarlet Faithful podcast. I hope all Rutgers fans have a great Memorial Day Weekend and stay safe!



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  1. RUinChiTown

    May 27, 2023 at 9:43 am


    The broad brush coverage of RU sports is great! It would be great if you did this at the end of each week to cover recent events/questions.

    My questions for the next event:

    1. What do you think the NIL/player eligibility will look like 3-5 years from now? IMHO, the federal gov. will step-in and set limits and boundaries. E.g., a single set of rules for all states; healthcare coverage for sports related injuries; limits on transfers (e.g., grads have the same declaration window as ugs); proof/audits (random) to confirm kids did in fact provide services for their payments; players in all sports allowed to sign commitments at the end of their junior year (allowed to rescind if a head coach leaves after the Fall season) and probably other broad boundaries.

    2. Your prediction on the fb team’s record this season?

    3. Who will be the next teams to join the B1G?

    4. What total number of teams will the B1G settle at?

    Re your comments;

    1. I’m not sure why you don’t believe Warren did a good job. The issue w/Covid and fb was on the conference’s school CEO’s. He implemented what his bosses dictated.

    2. Why do you believe players are entitled to the same privileges as coaches te earnings. The circumstances are not the same. It’s the difference between a Grayhound bus and a bread box. Knothole are made of metal (it’s college sports), but after that the resemblance ends. One is the head of a large valuable organization. The other is only responsible for themselves. Players receive the benefit of of a college education (and special training conditions) worth > $100k over 4-5 years )and potentially millions over a lifetime. (I m not against NIL, but as proven already, it needs to have limits and regulations.)

    I think Cliff returns. G League pays only $40k. RU can give him much more than that through this summer’s Spain trip loophole. If Paul beloved this is a team that will Dance, he’ll return.

    You continue to provide a valuable and exciting service to RU fans!


    • Aaron Breitman

      May 27, 2023 at 11:04 am

      Thank for listening and your well though out comments and questions. It’s a good idea for end of week it will just depend on the news cycle.

      I’ll answer more later but just to clarify, the salaries in the G league are far higher than 40k on a two-way deal. Ron Harper Jr. made over half a million dollars last season. I’m discussing Cliff as having the same two-way deal potential. I mentioned earlier this week a reporter implied he has a guarantee. To be continued as the countdown gets closer to decision day.

      Thanks for finding your way over to this neighborhood and great to hear from you. And thanks for the kind words.

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