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Rutgers potentially landing top two recruits Ace Bailey & Dylan Harper discussed on Eye on College Basketball podcast



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Earlier this week on the Eye on College Basketball podcast, host Matt Norlander welcomed national recruiting analyst Adam Finkelstein. Among the many topics discussed on the hour long episode was Rutgers basketball’s 2024 recruiting class. Specifically, the potential for the Scarlet Knights to ultimately sign the top two recruits in the class, Dylan Harper and Ace Bailey.

“Rutgers involved with the No. 1 ranked recruit period certainly turns heads. The fact that they already have the No. 2 guy in the class, I don’t know if he’ll end up going there, but it’s certainly a story,” said Norlander.

Finkelstein responded in saying, “It’s a very realistic possibility.” He continued on breaking down the skill sets and potential for both Harper and Bailey.

Later on, Finkelstein posed the question, “Do they both end up at Rutgers?” He answered, “It’s very possible.”

Norlander went on to comment, “Rutgers getting the top two players would be an incredible storyline for college basketball. If we were able to get Harper and Bailey playing at Rutgers, it would bring a different kind of energy. It would be really cool. Pikiell has been a guy that has done what was once seen as borderline impossible at that university and made Rutgers a real factor most seasons in the Big Ten. Now Brandin Knight is his ace assistant and has been there and been such a major factor. It’s something intriguing to watch.”

It is pretty incredible to have two of the most respected national college basketball reporters in the industry discussing Rutgers at length.

Here is my latest video that includes the full Rutgers segment from Norlander’s podcast as well as my take and analysis on what they had to say.

You can watch the full episode of Norlander’s podcast below.


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  1. thevinman

    July 15, 2023 at 1:16 pm

    Hearing them talk about the possibility of the top 2 recruits coming to Rutgers makes my head spin. Where are those guys who were whining that coach Pikiell can’t recruit?

  2. Jfuntimes in NB

    July 17, 2023 at 10:15 am

    It’s really unfathomable as someone who’s been a fan for a long time. Obviously we’re in a unique situation with Harper so we all understand his interest, but Bailey was still an amazing get. I agree Vin, I never want to hear that Pikiell can’t recruit again. Of course, if we get both, you’ll have the people who unrealistically expect this every year. I’ve always thought we could be a basketball program who is a perenial top 25. Jersey is too basketball rich to be as dreadful as we have been.

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